1. The customized 40W laser tube, the peak value is 50W, the total reflection inside the tube, the half reflection, the electrode barrel and the amount of gas filling, all reach a balance point with the customized laser power supply, which realizes the soft matching of the laser tube and the laser power supply.
  2. Standard 1.2mm thick steel plate, the machine structure is more stable, it is not easy to deform and break during long-distance transportation.
  3. Visual key board, easy to use, save seconds after power off, and continue to engrave after power on.
  4. Imported optical lens, high reflectivity, good focusing effect and high engraving accuracy.
  5. Infrared positioning function can be added to facilitate positioning in batch processing.
  6. The laser head blowing flame-retardant device can effectively prevent the material from burning during cutting work. Protect the lens and guide rails.


ModelSA-K6 laser rubber stamp machine
Laser power30W/40W optional
Work size170*100MM
Engraving speed0-400MM/S
Supported softwareDSP controller
Work platformfixture
Data transmission interfaceUSB 
Applied MaterialsAcrylic/wood board/leather/rubber and other non-metallic materials