Standard customized 40W (peak 50W) thick ultra-short laser tube and soft matching laser power supply. The total reflection, semi-reflection lens, electrode barrel and the amount of gas in the tube are balanced with the customized laser power supply, achieving soft matching and ensuring a first-class spot mode.

  1. Long life, high accuracy, low noise, low maintenanceNo need for laser beam aligment
  2. Long life, high accuracy, low noise, low maintenance
  3. Save in seconds after power offPower on and continue engraving
  4. Imported optical lensGood focusing effect


ModelSA-K6 laser rubber stamp machine
Laser power30W/40W optional
Work size120*65MM
Engraving speed0-400MM/S
Supported softwareDSP controller
Work platformfixture
Data transmission interfaceUSB 
Applied MaterialsAcrylic/wood board/leather/rubber and other non-metallic materials